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ADK Acrylic DIY fightstick case

ADK Acrylic DIY fightstick case

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Compact. Heavy. Rock solid. Crystal Clear.


Non-assembled option includes all assembly material for case ONLY : acrylic parts, screws and bolts, rubber feets and allen key.

The assembled stick includes the new JLX Sanwa lever, a Brook Universal Fusion PCB and  either Sanwa or Enth KRM premium buttons.

The ADK Fightstick case is a DIY kit designed to be a premium grade transportable stick.

It is made in France.

Dimensions are 330*205*65mm for 4,8lb (2,2kg).

Build time is approximately one hour with no technical knowledge and no solder required.

Sides are 6mm thick.

Top and bottom are 6+3mm thick (2 plates so you can insert artwork, and joystick screws are covered by top plate).

Brook PCB mounting holes.

4 way fixation to make it perfectly stiff.

No cutout marks : crystal clear lasercut for maximum transparency.

Available plates are Hitbox or Japanese lever (with Astro City P2 Layout).

Japanese + Hitbox option means you get two separate layouts, not a 2in1.


Needed and not included parts are : 2 USB cables (one in, one out), USB passthrough (neutrik advised), PCB (Brook strongly advised), Buttons, Joystick lever (not needed if stickless), wiring (Brook and other brands sell pre-made wiring if needed)

Main buttons on top panel can either be snap-in or screw-in.

For side option 24mm buttons, screw-in are highly recommended. Snap-in can have a hard time staying in place on the sides because of the 6mm thickness.

Taxes may apply if you are outside UE. I am sorry I cannot predict them.

If your area is not listed in shipping cost PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING

Refund can't happen if protective film has been taken off the acrylic.

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